Thinking of designer braces as an adult? You’re not alone.

When most of us think of ‘braces’ we think of teenagers or even pre-teens with a mouthful of metal and a mournful expression. The advent of invisible and comfortable “designer” braces has changed that perception a little … but most people still think of it as an issue for adolescents alone.

Not so.

The fact is 1 out of 5 orthodontic brace-wearers in the United States is an adult  – that’s about a million people 18 years or older. And if you’re still interested in a more brilliant, beautiful smile – at any age – it can happen. There’s no reason to worry about your age or  painful, bulky, and unattractive devices; not with technology like WildSmiles available. Today, the process can be virtually painless; even enjoyable.

Why bother? Look at the facts. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry says 75% of women say that teeth are the first thing they notice about a potential partner, and 8 in 10 adults who got braces felt their lives were positively affected by them. Straight teeth can be a straight path to success and confidence like never before.

Keep in mind, 50% of Americans have crooked teeth. You may very well be one of them, and you’re not alone. Maybe now is the time, as an adult, to think about designer braces in general and WildSmiles Braces in particular. That beautiful smile is waiting for you.