DesignerBraces University

Designer style when braces are needed!

WildSmiles transform boring braces into a memorable and shareable experience for today’s mom and her kids.  Discover how DesignerBraces refocus the orthodontic experience.

WildSmiles for the orthodontic resident.

We are committed to your success during residency and into your private practice!  As a resident, you are invited to engage with WildSmiles through our annual scholarships, university product donations, lunch and learns, webinars or our business focused Facebook forum.  Select any of the options to the right and learn more!

WildSmiles for the residency program.

You have many bracket options in your program.  That’s why WildSmiles offers only cuspid to cuspid brackets that integrate seamlessly with all systems.  WildSmiles provide a proven bracket highlighting accurate slot tolerances above industry standard, consistent case finishing and quality USA manufacturing.  Select your preferred prescription and slot size when you request a donation package for your program and give them a try.  Then schedule a lunch and learn or webinar to learn everything you need to know about DesignerBraces!

WildSmiles for the recent graduate and young practitioner.

44% of patients choose WildSmiles – Now it’s your turn to give them a try!  Unlike traditional braces and aligners, DesignerBraces give you a designer approach to practice growth!  WildSmiles provide proven clinical performance and an appliance offering that patients choose first.  The ‘QuickStart Kit‘ offers a smaller product sampling paired with key in-office marketing support – allowing you to quickly gauge patient interest.  Learn More

Money Back Guarantee: If, for any reason, you are not satisfied within the first 60 days, simply return unused product and marketing for a full refund.

About the Inventor, Clarke Stevens DDS, MS

With a successful orthodontic career built on innovation and quality, Dr. Stevens translated his progressive approach to practice growth into the creation of WildSmiles Braces®. For over 10 years, he has led the industry in the development of DesignerBraces as a response to patient interest. Since its creation, thousands of orthodontists have selected WildSmiles® as an appliance offering and realized the benefits of the only designer bracket available to patients.

“WildSmiles allows you to engage children and make braces fun. It fits into every type of practice.”

Dr. Neal Kravitz, Chantilly, VA

Quick Answers to Common Questions

Will WildSmiles host Lunch and Learns?

Yes, WildSmiles will work with you to schedule an in-person or virtual lunch & learn or dinner & learn. Contact Davin Bickford at to begin the scheduling process.

How can I try WildSmiles as a resident?

We will send one donation package per academic year, if requested.  Simply request a WildSmiles donation package for your university clinic!  Then schedule a webinar or lunch and learn to learn everything you need to know about DesignerBraces!

Where can I meet a WildSmiles representative?

WildSmiles representatives attend many meetings and events annually.  They also host lunch and learn programs and webinars.  If you do not know who your best contact is, please contact Sara Cory at or call/text her at 402-637-1415.

Does WildSmiles support and participate with GORP?

Of course! We would not miss the most dynamic resident event of the year! Come by our table and say hi. We are the fun table with great giveaways.

Where can I find WildSmile in the orthodontic community?

WildSmiles can always be found at the AAO meetings each winter and spring and GORP each summer.  We also support many groups committed to enhancing the orthodontic profession!