What about Phase 1?

One of the questions which stands out in orthodontics is whether any patient really needs Phase 1 treatment or not. Certainly there is a lot of research showing only severe cases benefit from Phase 1 orthodontic treatment. We all understand the benefits of Rapid Palatal Expansion. Correction of a mild Class II orthodontic case is heartily debated. Some have shown palatal expansion to be as effective as headgear or functional appliances in preteens.

The advent of clear aligners has made me consider Phase 1 to be a necessity for many young patients. Preteens are excited about the idea of braces. This excitement allows the orthodontist to do early expansion and anterior alignment. Early alignment of the anterior teeth makes the option of aligner treatment during the teenage years more desirable. If the anterior teeth are aligned in advance, the aligner treatment is made easier.

Preteens love choosing colored elastics and their braces. WildSmiles braces have been studied and shown to be a fun way to show off their new orthodontic appliances. Phase 1 treatment delivered in this way promotes your practice and brings lots of smiles along the way.