What About Learning?

Dr. William Proffit unexpectedly passed away last yer. He was an amazing intellect who changed orthodontics by setting evidence based treatment planning as a standard. I was fortunate to have trained under him, finding a mentor and friend. He inspired everyone to be their best.

Prof loved to entertain his family and friends. He had fondness for roses and azaleas. His huge passion was to travel by train to the most exotic places in the world.

He encouraged his students to pursue their talents and goals. When I developed WildSmiles Braces, he encouraged me to carefully move forward. He knew how to ask the exactly correct questions to help me move on. ‘I think that will work.’ was the last comment he had in regards to a new bracket project. That was the green light for me to proceed.

Dr. Proffit was always looking for data to backup any new or suggested treatment or products. WildSmiles Braces were cited in an Ohio State University study to be preferred by kids getting braces. He looked at it when data supported the proposed treatment.

His life will continue to inspire me to the best I can be. His life inspires me to live and practice with integrity and to have fun along the way.