Thanks for all the smiles and the spirits behind them

I had a call today that reminded me why we all work so hard here at WildSmiles Braces. I wanted to pass it along for everyone to enjoy.

A WildSmiles mom from the Midwest (she asked me not to use her name) called and asked to speak to me. She had a great story about her teenage son, how withdrawn and unhappy he’d been, and how – much to her surprise! – he was actually excited about the idea of WildSmiles. Now he’s a different person, she said. Happy, outgoing, ready for the future. And all she wanted to say, really, was “thank you.”

Of course, I was the one who ended up thanking her, for her story, her choice to trust in WildSmiles Braces, and her inspiration.

The fact is, we don’t say “thank you” often enough. We forget how lucky we are to be part of this incredible world, at a time when we can give a gift like WildSmiles Braces and see the good it does for teens, adults, and whole families.

There is power in thank you. It costs nothing to say it to someone, and it can literally change their lives, a little or a lot. So I’ve spent some time today just being grateful and saying “thank you” to the people who matter to me and to the whole WildSmiles Braces world … and that includes you.

Thank you for being part of this adventure. Keep spreading the word about WildSmiles Braces, and we’ll keep supplying the smiles that everyone deserves.

Be good, be kind, be happy … and thanks!