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Smiles Change Lives

At WildSmiles, we believe everyone deserves access to orthodontic care. We’ve partnered with Smiles Change Lives (SCL), a community-based orthodontic program that provides braces treatment to children whose families cannot afford the full cost of braces. Hundreds of orthodontists in the US and Canada take part in SCL and have provided complimentary, life-changing orthodontic care to nearly 12,000 children since the program’s creation in 1997.

Making a Designer Difference. One Smile at a Time.

As a partner, WildSmiles lets children in the SCL program have the option of choosing designer brackets—any style from any of our collections! This way, all children have the same access to a fun and effective braces experience. WildSmiles will donate designer brackets of the patient’s choice to the SCL practice and then donate 5% of any additional WildSmiles purchases back into the Smiles Change Lives organization.

WildSmiles brackets promote better brushing by indicating if a patient is brushing enough. If they can see the bracket shape, they’re brushing properly. WildSmiles bracket pads extend beyond the tie-wings, allowing plaque to accumulate on the pad instead of the tooth’s surface. They are the only designer bracket that promotes better brushing while empowering kids to have fun with their braces.

“Because the kids are excited about being able to choose their shapes, they take more ownership in the whole treatment. If the kids are excited and take ownership in their treatment, we get the best results that way.”

-Garrett R. Kawata, DDS

Get Involved and Change Lives

Orthodontic providers who partner with Smiles Change Lives donate their time to changing the lives of deserving children in their communities. Join the hundreds of providers dedicated to making effective and fun orthodontic care available to children in need.

Partnering with Smiles Change Lives and WildSmiles makes a difference for your patients and your practice:

Gain local and national media coverage
Increase brand reputation
Get the same great orthodontic results with WildSmiles as traditional braces
Generate new referrals
Get more patient starts
Increase compliance
Make braces fun!

When a patient in the Smiles Change Lives program wants WildSmiles, let us know—we’ll send them directly to your practice. You can order additional WildSmiles supplies anytime to offer designer brackets and fun elastics to all of your patients—kids and adults! Make a difference in your community today by becoming a Smiles Change Lives provider, and join us in providing children in need with access to fun and beneficial orthodontic care.

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Get started with WildSmiles to start offering designer brackets to your patients. If you're an SCL provider, make a note in the comments box on the Get Started form.

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Sign up on the Smiles Change Lives website. Then, bring WildSmiles into your practice and offer fun, designer braces to children in the SCL program and to all of your patients.

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