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As industry experts, WildSmiles wants to give you the insights you need to achieve success in the competitive orthodontic landscape. By staying ahead of market trends and bringing more awareness to your brand, you can stand out above the competition and surpass your business goals. View our blogs for valuable insight and to learn about how WildSmiles can help grow your practice.

Advance Your Practice With the Magic of Mickey

In this blog, we are introducing WildSmiles' new Disney Collection. Outperform your competitors by creating memorable patient experiences with a touch of creativity and imagination.

Differentiate Your Practice & Drive New Cases

In this blog, we discuss how WildSmiles differentiates your practice from competitors and drives new cases with the first part of The WildSmiles Way: discovery.

Delivering the Networking & Knowledge You Need to Succeed

WildSmiles helps orthodontists become leaders in their industry by providing the right tools to design a winning strategy. When you partner with us, we not only give you outstanding products, we also provide you with the networking opportunities and knowledge you need to optimize your growth.

Is It Time to Expand Your Orthodontic Practice?

When orthodontists offer WildSmiles braces, they’re able to increase profits, create better patient experiences, and maximize growth. WildSmiles helps to set orthodontic practices up for long-term success with the products patients want. If you’re thinking about expanding, timing, planning, and incorporating an exciting product like WildSmiles will set your practice on the right path for growth.

7 Ways to Optimize Your GMB for Practice Growth

To thrive online, your brand needs to appear in search results and display easy-to-access information to users. One of the easiest and most effective ways of optimizing your online presence is by creating a rich, relevant GMB for your practice.

Using WildSmiles to Generate User-Generated Content (UGC)

Today, consumers turn to social media to talk about brands. The content they create, or UGC, has the power to promote your practice as long as you have the right strategy in place.

Why Online Reviews Matter and How to Get Them

Online reviews are the bigger, better form of word-of-mouth marketing, and they are more powerful than you may realize when it comes to the success of your practice. You can harness the power of online reviews to increase visibility, drive more business, and establish a reputation of greatness…but how?

How To Establish Your Practice as an Important Part of Your Community

Whether you operate your own practice or work at a group practice, business growth is likely a goal in mind. One of the most valuable ways to grow a business is closer than you may think—your community.

How To Keep Your Private Practice Ahead in a Changing Orthodontic Landscape

You operate a private orthodontic practice and want to achieve great success in the coming future. You may be an established practice with decades of experience under your belt or a specialist with an up-and-coming practice who’s ready to dominate the market. With clear goals in mind, there’s one element to master on your path to success: the evolving healthcare landscape.

How To Create an Optimal Patient Experience

Mastering the patient experience should be your top priority as an orthodontist. When you put your patients first, you create a higher standard of care that benefits your patients, your referrals, and you. Make sure your practice stays tuned in to your patients’ needs and continuously looks for ways to improve to keep providing an experience that keeps people coming back.

Bring the Healthiest Bracket Option to Your Patients

Plaque is the enemy for you and your patients. Without good oral hygiene habits, it can become detrimental to the success and outcome of orthodontic treatment. So other than tell your patients to brush well and frequently, is there more you can do to promote better oral health with braces? WildSmiles says yes.