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Garrett R. Kawata, DDS
Michael Ragan, DDS
Jordan Lamberton, DDS, MSD
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WildSmiles makes it easy to achieve practice success

My patients are more engaged in taking care of their appliances with WildSmiles because they love their braces. Better compliance in oral hygiene to avoid decalcification leads to a beautiful result.

Saritha Chary-Reddy, DDS, PhD

I save between $850 and $1,125 every time a patient chooses WildSmiles over clear aligners, and patients usually have fewer appointments because we see better compliance with the care plan. It's my bracket of choice for all of my Phase One patients.

Kurt Kacer, DDS

We use all of the same mechanics in coordination with WildSmiles brackets and our system. Our patients actually get excited about getting braces when they can pick their style— it is a win-win!

Jason Hartman, DMD, MS

I can achieve results with WildSmiles that I simply can’t achieve with clear aligners, particularly when it comes to expansion, bite correction, and measures for airway-friendly orthodontics. We even see better compliance with the treatment plan because patients can’t remove them like they can with aligners.

Amy Smith, DDS

The markings on WildSmiles brackets make placement easy. And when it comes to debonding, I use the same debonding pliers and process as I do with my traditional brackets.

David Sarver, DMD

When I see young patients with impacted canines, I hope that they have WildSmiles. The brackets make it easy to pull the canine down into the arch and my patients are more motivated to take care of their mouth postoperatively because they love their braces.

Caroline Kacer, DMD

All of my WildSmiles brackets come in easy-to-store, clear cases. Whenever I need more of any of the styles, I can quickly order the individual parts online.

Bryan King, DMD

We were looking for something we could easily integrate into our practice which was not going to be a major disruptor to our everyday workflows but would still have a big impact. WildSmiles was a great fit. It gives us something unique to offer patients without having to implement major systems changes.

Anthony V. Bonavoglia, DDS, MS

The introduction of WildSmiles brackets in my office has been a blessing with my autistic patients! I have seen a significant reduction in their trepidation with the whole process. Instead of fear and anxiety, I’m now seeing excitement and curiosity! WildSmiles has made this challenging process so much easier for the patient and me!

Daniela Urciuoli, DMD

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