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Residency Program

WildSmiles is committed to the success of residents as they move into private practice.

The WildSmiles Advantage

We invite all orthodontic residents to engage with WildSmiles. We provide annual scholarships, lunch and learns, university product donations, webinars, and more.

WildSmiles provides cuspid-to-cuspid brackets that integrate with current systems. Made in the USA with consistent finishing and accurate slot tolerances, WildSmiles is a smart and stylish way to enhance the treatment experience.

44% of patients ages 14 and younger prefer WildSmiles Braces.
The Designer Approach to Practice Growth

WildSmiles is a smart choice for any orthodontics practice. According to an independent study from The Ohio State University, 44% of patients ages 14 and younger have named WildSmiles as their preferred appliance option (American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, December 2010). Among practices offering designer braces, an average of 30% of new patient starts select WildSmiles.

Ready to Begin?

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