March Madness is almost upon us. What does that mean for MASCOT?

A great deal! Teenagers go crazy for the NCAA Basketball finals, following the brackets and rooting for their teams, and it’s a great time for you to reach out to fans – already in your practice, and waiting on the sidelines – and get them into the game.

We were talking just this week about what MASCOT doctors could make March Madness work. For instance:

Contact your current patients. Reach out through an e-mail and social platforms, and as them for stories or pictures (especially pictures!) of how they’re celebrating the NCAA Championship with the MASCOT Braces. And of course brag about them: feature those stories and images on every platform you have.

Talk to some local sports bars. They’re going to be packed for the next month, by fans and the parents of fans. A brochure or a “table tent” for a free consultation, complete with pictures of some enthusiastic MASCOT users could bring in highly motivated new business.

Reach out to your community’s sports writers. Local or regional journalists are hungry for any new angle on March Madness, and a story about MASCOT braces, complete with pictures and anecdotes. It could lead to an interview, an article…and new patients.

Consider throwing a party for the Finals (and put it online!) You could rent a big-screen TV, set up a part in the parking lot, or align yourself with a local club or community group for one of the big games. It’s a great opportunity for publicity and spreading the word…and you could even take videos or ‘stream’ it, just for fun.

March Madness is the biggest national sporting event this side of the Super Bowl. There are half a hundred ways you can make MASCOT Braces part of the Madness…in the best possible way.