“This is the craziest thing we’ve ever done…but I love it!”

We got a great call from a parent of a WildSmiles Braces user…and we wanted to pass it along.

Obviously, we got a lot of calls from doctors and from WildSmiles users, but this one, from a mother in a large Midwest city, really stood out.  Not only was she enthusiastic, but she was disarmingly honest about her first reactions to the WildSmiles Braces concept…and how she changed her mind.

“I first saw some pictures of kids with WildSmiles Braces on the internet,” she told us, “and I have to admit: it looked kind of crazy. But the kids were so excited and happy in those pictures, and my own son, Rob was having such a hard time with his braces and retainer.” She explained how a quick internet search took her to a local WildSmiles Braces Doctor, and she and Rob were in talking to him within the week.

“It was actually kind of amazing,” she said. “I hadn’t seen Rob this excited since…well, in a long time, and never this interested in anything related to his teeth. But he’s a huge football fan, and the idea of being the center of attention for a good reason – at least, what he saw as a good reason…it really made a difference.”

Right up to the day of the procedure, Mom said, she had her doubts. “Even as we walked in,” she told us, “I was telling myself, ‘this is the craziest thing we’ve ever done.” But now, two months later, Rob is still totally happy with it, he’s getting praise and support from his family and friends, and … seriously, I love it. I just wanted to all you and tell you.”

Talking with Rob’s Mom was a joy. We get e-mail and calls and even the occasional old-fashioned letter from users all the time, but this one crystallized the experience for all of us. Yes, it can be a bold decision – maybe even a little “crazy” – but it’s working for teens and young adults all across the country. And we’re proud to be a part of it.