It’s amazing: 75 MILLION people watched football on TV last year

One of our reps dropped a recent USA Today article on our desks, just to remind us how – and we’re quoting here – “insanely popular” the game of football is here in the U.S. Here are just a few of the crazy facts:

  •  Almost 2/3 of U.S. Adult say they watch NFL Football, including almost three qurters of men and more than 50% of women. And most of them watch it live, not on DVR or other time-shifting devices.
  • The top 12 shows of the 2015 fall season have all been NFL games. In all, 26 of the top 27 programs were professional football games.
  • The average viewers per telecast range from almost 27 million to 13 millionfor Monday Night Football on ESPN.
  • In most weeks, the No. 1 television show in the NFL’s TV markets is that week’s NFL game. When the NFL game isn’t at the top, it tends to be because a college game has leapfrogged it for a week.
  • The six most-watched shows of all time are Super Bowls.
  • Eighty-nine percent of televisions in Seattle were tuned into last year’s Super Bowl, compared to 85% of Boston’s.
  • Seventy percent of people with a television watched at least part of one NFL game in 2014, which comes out to 205 million, a staggering number.

What does this mean to WildSmiles Braces and Mascot Braces and our doctors? It means we’re all part of that happy ‘insanity,’ and the appeal for sports-based products like Wild Smiles and MASCOT is already huge and growing every day. That’s great news!