Be in control of your orthodontic experience.

Approved by orthodontists and patients alike, WildSmiles Braces turns orthodontic correction into limitless expression.

WildSmiles brackets function just like traditional brackets. With 25 designs to mix, match, and pair with colored elastics, WildSmiles empowers patients to wear their braces with pride.

Braces Should Be Fun

Orthodontics has a wild side! WildSmiles creates the healthy smiles parents want with the style kids love.

Designer braces lets kids mix and match for a look that’s all their own.

WildSmiles brackets are correction first: they function just like traditional braces.

Kids feel empowered when they are a part of their orthodontic treatment.

Every shape can be paired with colored elastics for even more personality.

Your orthodontist can place your WildSmiles brackets in one easy visit.

With 25 unique shapes and counting, there’s a wild smile for everyone.

WildSmiles In The News

Check out all the news and media coverage on WildSmiles. Keep up as we set new trends for orthodontic treatment.

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In the News

Dr. Clarke Stevens has always had a passion for art and orthodontics. In 2002, Dr. Stevens was treating a young patient who had a heart-shaped charm on her necklace. After noticing the charm was the same size as a traditional orthodontic bracket, he was able to blend his two passions together. And thus, the WildSmiles Wild-Heart bracket was born.

Founding Mission

Orthodontist Dr. Clarke Stevens created WildSmiles to provide a stylish choice for orthodontic patients who want to feel confident and happy with their braces.

Dr. Stevens
How Do I Get WildSmiles?

It’s as easy as 1–2–3! WildSmiles is a fun new way to enhance your smile and enjoy your braces journey.


Use our Create Your Smile feature to design your cool new smile!


Talk to your orthodontist or find a WildSmiles provider


Love your braces and new smile!


With WildSmiles, you are a part of your orthodontic experience. Shapes from all three collections can be mixed and matched to suit your style.


For an enchanting smile with a touch of magic.


Charming shapes that never go out of style.


Champion your favorite team all year long.