The DesignerBraces Difference

WildSmiles are the fun alternative to traditional braces. With WildSmiles you can make your braces, your braces!

DesignerBraces give patients a way to be unique during their orthodontic experience.  For over 10 years, patients wearing WildSmiles have enjoyed expressing their personality by designing their smile.

WildSmiles is Fun.

Braces are often viewed as another hard part of growing up and rarely considered fun.  WildSmiles challenges this idea by offering patients an outlet to express their creativity with every smile.  With WildSmiles, patients can choose brackets in six unique shapes: Stars, Hearts, Flowers, Footballs, Sports Balls and Super-Diamonds.

WildSmiles is Style.

The idea of wearing braces can make patients nervous.  Braces have always been about correcting the alignment of teeth without any real consideration of style, individuality or expression.  WildSmiles gives patients the confidence they need to enjoy the orthodontic experience.  Whether a patient wants to reflect their favorite season, hobby or passion, WildSmiles presents the ability to create a stylish smile while wearing braces.

WildSmiles is Proven.

WildSmiles is correction first.  It is respectable, professional and not a gimmick.  It simply takes a common corrective procedure and adds some fun using quality American made brackets.  Since its creation, thousands of orthodontists have offered WildSmiles reflecting their commitment to enhancing the patient experience.

Want to Sport Your Smile? Rep Your Team with Mascot Braces.

From the Founder,  Dr. Clarke Stevens

I have devoted my career to providing excellent orthodontics in a fresh and fun environment where patients come first; always encouraging my team to make orthodontic treatment a positive experience.  After building a successful orthodontic practice focused on innovation and quality, I translated my progressive approach to patient care into the creation of WildSmiles Braces®.  I am proud to say that for over 10 years, WildSmiles® has led the industry in the development of DesignerBraces as a response to patient interest.  Since its creation, countless patients have selected WildSmiles® as part of their braces experience.
"WildSmiles has created such a positive treatment experience for our son." Lee, WildSmiles Parent

Quick Answers to Common Questions

Yes. WildSmiles are industry trusted orthodontic brackets which do not change the ‘how’ of orthodontic treatment but redefine the patient’s braces experience by offering choice. WildSmiles are manufactured to the highest standards of quality outlined by the International Standards Organization (ISO) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in America using surgical grade stainless steel. Over 2,000 orthodontists have trusted WildSmiles as a proven orthodontic appliance.

No. WildSmiles will not change the time, quality or comfort of your treatment. At an initial consultation, your orthodontist will develop a customized treatment plan based on your needs. The length of treatment depends on the severity of your case and can only be determined by an orthodontic specialist; however, average treatment time is between 18-30 months. If your treatment will include traditional braces, then you can choose WildSmiles as an aesthetic enhancement. Once treatment is complete, WildSmiles are removed like traditional braces to reveal your beautiful new smile! Only a licensed orthodontic specialist can offer WildSmiles. Use our ‘Doctor Locator’ to find an orthodontist in your neighborhood. If your doctor is not a WildSmiles provider, WildSmiles can be purchased from the ‘Get Wild!’ page for $150/set and sent directly to your orthodontist.

Individual choice! WildSmiles make braces treatment unique to you and are the only brackets that give a choice in the appearance of your smile during your time in braces. It’s this choice that often eases the mind of younger patients and creates excitement when showing off their braces to friends and family.

Subject to your doctor, WildSmiles adds no additional costs to treatment and is comparable to conventional braces. If a patient has orthodontic insurance coverage, treatment will be covered in the same capacity as conventional braces. Because benefits differ from one policy to another, patients should review their personal coverage plan. As with other treatment options, only your orthodontist can determine the costs according to individual needs and practice specific procedures. Many orthodontist do provide in-house payment plans or third party financing options. The national average for comprehensive orthodontic treatment is $5,500 before insurance benefits, down payments and financing options are deducted. If your doctor is not a WildSmiles provider, WildSmiles can be purchased from the ‘Get Wild!’ page for $150/set and sent directly to your orthodontist.

WildSmiles are DesignerBraces! We are committed to providing a fun, stylish and responsible treatment option for patients. Our proven bracket offers you the same confidence in treatment as with traditional braces, but with an aesthetic focus. WildSmiles are offered only by licensed orthodontic specialists to create the beautiful smile you want and deserve.

Unlike traditional braces, WildSmiles designer pads extend slightly beyond the tie-wings, so you can see the shape! This also ensures any normal plaque accumulation will rest on the pad surface and not the tooth, actually decreasing plaque contact with the tooth surface. The designer pad does not interfere with the ability to properly brush and floss your teeth during treatment. Just like your orthodontist, we recommend all orthodontic patients brush for two minutes, twice a day. Flossing and using a fluoride rinse once a day is also recommended by all dental health professionals.