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"My birthday is Valentine's Day. I love my heart WildSmiles!"Whitney, age 11, Heart Brackets
"I think it's fun to not be ordinary."Julie, Patient
"WildSmiles help make the kids feel special!"Joanna, Parent
"It sure makes it easier to smile when their smile reflects something of their personality."Richard, Parent
"Whenever you get to make a choice you are happier!"Dr. Burris, Fayetteville, AR
"My friends on my football team like my braces."Stephen, age 12, Football Brackets
"My braces are awesome because they are not just squares. They are a fun way to get your teeth straight."Lila, Patient
"With WildSmiles, kids can choose the bracket shape that means something to them or shows who they are."Peggy, Parent
"I feel like a superstar!"Georgia, age 8, Star Brackets
"When you get children excited about their braces, the anxiety goes away."Dr. Kravitz, Chantilly, VA
"With WildSmiles, kids can choose the bracket that means something to them or shows who they are."Kelli Westphal, WildSmiles Parent
"It's something cool and different!"Anna, Patient
"It's easy to recommend WildSmiles; we have seen the difference they have made with our kids. They loved coming to the orthodontist!"Phil, Parent
"Kids like cool, new stuff and I want to make sure that I am offering it to them."Dr. Bhagia, Houston, TX
"WildSmiles has created such a positive treatment experience for our son."Lee, Parent
"At my first WildSmiles consult a couple of days ago the patient refused braces. Then we showed her WildSmiles and it sold the case without more argument. At her follow up appointment she told me she showed all her friends at school."Dr. Kapit, Boca Raton, FL
"We have found that the kids talk about their WildSmiles braces."Dr. Quest, Mooresville, IN
"I like how people notice how cool my braces are! I picked the stars and hearts because they just fit me."Leah, Star and Heart Brackets