Residency Program

WildSmiles is committed to the success of residents as they move into private practice.

The WildSmiles Advantage

The WildSmiles Residency Program is open to all orthodontic residents and provides many valuable resources and opportunities, such as annual scholarships, engaging lunch and learns, university product donations, webinars, quarterly emails, and more. Gain knowledge from experienced industry professionals and discover the difference that WildSmiles can make in any orthodontic practice.

These opportunities are offered exclusively to orthodontic residents and will set you up on the path to success as you transition into private practice.

44% of patients ages 14 and younger prefer WildSmiles Braces.
The Designer Approach to Practice Growth

As an orthodontic provider, you want to make treatment engaging and effective for patients. Your practice should offer appliances and treatments that appeal to both parents and kids while also achieving desired outcomes. WildSmiles accomplishes this through stylish braces that you can offer for a fun and successful orthodontic journey.

We provide upper cuspid-to-cuspid brackets with unique bracket pads in designer styles that integrate with current systems, all made in the USA. When patients have an active role in their treatment, they’re more likely to take care of their braces and approach orthodontic treatment with excitement.

Practice Success From the Beginning

When you invest in WildSmiles, you attract more patients and drive more business. Offering unique and effective orthodontic treatment makes you stand out above your competition. The most success can be seen with practices who invest in WildSmiles at the start of their practice or before they even open.

By adding WildSmiles early on, you can:

  • Promote your fun and unique orthodontic options in advance
  • Share posts and spread the word online, which generates excitement
  • Stand out in your dental community
  • Increase referrals
  • Establish yourself as the fun and beneficial practice families can turn to for generations
  • Bringing WildSmiles into your practice is a small investment with a tremendous and immediate return.

    According to an independent study from The Ohio State University, 44% of patients ages 14 and younger have named WildSmiles as their preferred appliance option (American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, December 2010). Among practices offering designer braces, an average of 30% of new patients select WildSmiles, making our braces a smart choice for any orthodontic practice.

    During your residency, you will learn more about WildSmiles, ways to improve upon the patient experience, and how to excel as a professional.

    Ready to Begin?

    If you are a resident nearing the end of residency, you are invited to take part in this valuable opportunity. With WildSmiles, you will gain insight on ways to increase profit and grow as a dental professional. Use the form below to get started!

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